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When it comes to Bengali sweets, whether you have a sweet tooth or not it hardly matters. One look at these enticing sweets will melt your heart and your taste buds! Sweetmeats not only form an integral part of the amazing Bengali cuisine, but are popular with people of all ages, across the country.

We at Felumodak have been creating misti magic since the past 160 years. Kolkata has been a harbinger of sweetmeat industry where new innovations have been made during the last three centuries where Muslim,and British rulers and other Indian babus created an ambience that went into creations of new items and won the hearts of all and sundry. It is no wonder, like very few manufacturers of sweetmeats, Messers, Felu Modak of Rishra have left a deep impression on the people of riverine south Bengal for the last three centuries.

Having an innovative mind and the palliative anthpology of Bengalees, Felu Charan De the founder of our concern invented scores of sweetmeats by facing various contemporary odds by way of sheer honesty and dexterity. Eaters had criticized many of the sweets he manufactured and accordingly he modified them to give maximum taste without sacrificing the quality and the health aspects of the eaters. This attitude of Felu went down to his future generations and as a result the present assortment of sweets are not only superior in quality but also leave a lasting memory in those who have had the opportunity to eat them. With the passage of time the Felumodak’s has become a throbbing venture of five generations.

So here we go online for all those who love to indulge their sweet tooth but may not always find what they are looking for this is our humble effort to make our exquisite sweets available to you at your doorstep at the click of a mouse.