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Dry Patishapta

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A Bengali traditional sweet dish recipe,Patishapta (pancakes with coconut filling) is easy to prepare and a must have during festivals and winters. For those who don’t know what Makar Sankrati or Poush Sankranti ,It is one of the many harvest days in India. Traditionally it is believed that on this particular day fresh rice is harvested and with this new rice ladies used to prepare special sweets by combining them with fresh date palm jaggery which is another winter special in India. Patishapta is the most popular among all pitha (also, pithe) prepared during Sankranti (Sankranthi, in South India). In simple words, patishapta is actually a rice flour crepe with coconut and jaggery fillings. The softness of the crepe and the sweet filling inside makes it the best pitha and most commonly prepared pitha.